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     Mission, Vision and Objectives 11:01 19/07/2012 [15749]

Pham Van Dong University (PDU) is a public and multidisciplinary institution of higher education that offers educational programs in a variety of forms. PDU focuses on conducting scientific research, applying and transferring technology, supplying a qualified work force to meet the requirements of socio-economic development of Quang Ngai province and in Viet Nam.


By 2030 Pham Van Dong University (PDU) will become a professional oriented and prestigious institution of higher education in Viet Nam.

Overall objectives
      By 2020, Pham Van Dong University (PDU) will become an institution of higher education for training qualified human resources for socio-economic development of Quang Ngai and the Central Vietnam - Western Highlands; and become an institution for conducting scientific research and transferring technology in a practical and effective way as well.
PDU will be gradually modernized. PDU will also establish relations and cooperate with a number of institutions in Viet Nam and abroad for training and conducting scientific research; Meet the criteria for accreditation of institutions of higher education; Follow the synchronous road of measures and solutions to fulfill the autonomy and self-responsibility as a decisive factor for implementation of comprehensive renewal of education quality and improving the quality of education and training.

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